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Green Wheat Freekeh (200g)

Green Wheat Freekeh (200g)

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Flame roasted green spring wheat


An aromatic grain packed with protein and fibre, freekeh is rich in flavour and texture. It’s simple to cook and is delicious in a risotto, pilaf, soup or salad.

Freekeh is a young green wheat that is harvested in the spring and flame-roasted before the husks are rubbed off.

Legend has it that it was discovered by accident. One spring, millennia ago, a Mediterranean village was attacked by invading armies causing the villagers to flee. When they returned later that spring, they found their wheat crop, their source of livelihood, had been set on fire. Faced with the prospect of starvation, they rubbed off (fareek) the husk, to see what could be salvaged. Thanks to the high moisture level in the milky, green kernels, it was not burnt but much to their surprise, it was perfectly roasted and imbued with a wonderfully smoky aroma.

Nowadays Palestinian farmers replicate this ancient process by harvesting organic wheat in the spring then flame-roasting it and finally rubbing off the husk.

Freekeh retains a wonderful texture in cooking, making it ideal for pilafs, risottos and salads and it’s delicious as an accompaniment to roasted vegetables and meats. Traditionally it is slowly simmered in stock for a nourishing soup – a Palestinian staple for centuries.

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