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Fire Medium Chilli Sauce (240ml)

Fire Medium Chilli Sauce (240ml)

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Fire Sauce is a moderately hot, red chilli sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavour has been one of Ukuva's most popular sauces for the past 25 years. It is built on real vegetables and although it is not blisteringly hot, you still need to approach with caution! It complements tomatoes, beef, carrots, onions, chicken and can be used as a marinade, during cooking or for super chilli fans, it can be used as a table condiment or dipping sauce as it is a thick pouring sauce with visible chilli seeds.

Here are a few suggestions on how to use it:

  • Fire Sauce is the friend of red meat and tomato-based vegetarian dishes.
  • Paint Fire Sauce onto chicken, beef or lamb. Rest for half an hour before grilling.
  • Stir fry thin strips of beef, onions, green peppers and a dash of Fire Sauce.
  • Layer the flavours: Use Fire Sauce while preparing the dish - and add a little more just before serving.
  • Fire Sauce works exceptionally well with garlic, ginger, tomatoes and carrots.
  • Mix Fire Sauce with yogurt and freshly grated ginger to marinade a chicken, strips of beef for a memorable taste of Africa.


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