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Vermeire Princeps

Chocolate Chip Speculoos Biscuits (125g)

Chocolate Chip Speculoos Biscuits (125g)

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Savour the delightful crunch and warm flavour of Vermeire Chocolate Chip Speculoos Biscuits. These traditional Fairtrade Belgian biscuits are crafted with premium chocolate chips and deliver a rich, caramelized sweetness with hints of cinnamon. Each 125g pack offers perfectly baked biscuits that are deliciously crisp and ideal for pairing with coffee or tea.

Vermeire Chocolate Chip Speculoos Biscuits are versatile, perfect for enjoying on their own, using as a dessert base, or adding a twist to your baking creations. The authentic Belgian recipe, perfected over generations, ensures a taste that transports you to the charming streets of Belgium.

Indulge in Vermeire Chocolate Chip Speculoos Biscuits and elevate your snack experience with every bite.


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