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90kg Rice Challenge

90kg Rice Challenge

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180 x 500g bags (90kg total), of fairly traded rice – the amount of rice sold that would provide Malawian rice farmers with enough of a sustainable income to enable them to reinvest in their farm, feed and clothe their family, and most importantly, pay for one year’s secondary education for one child as this is not free in Malawi and many cannot afford it.

Kilombero rice not only does good, but it tastes great! It has won a Great Taste award and is the most ethical rice on the market according to Ethical Consumer magazine and proudly displays their Best Buy logo.

Once you book your 90kg Rice Challenge, you will receive the bags of rice and a link to the Education Pack which contains lesson plans on current issues such as fair trade, global citizenship, sustainability, social enterprise, and climate change, as well as lots of activities, videos, images, presentations, and interviews suitable for all ages. There is enough content for a term long project, or a one off lesson. Once you receive your Rice Challenge, it’s up to you how you sell it, from curry nights to fair trade stalls.

Results of the challenge:

  • participants have an achievable goal: selling 90kg of rice, which can be undertaken as an individual, teams or a group.
  • The challenge quantifies the benefits of fair trade: this is what a farmer has to grow to give him enough of an income to enable him to pay for one of his children to go to school; this is what we have to do to support him in that task.
  • This shows how we can help to empower farmers: creating reliable markets for smallholder farmers where they can get fair prices means they can develop their farms, work their way out of poverty and help to build up the prosperity of their country.
  • It empowers individuals and shows how they can make a difference.
  • It creates a link between individuals and the farmers who they are supporting.

But don't take our word for it, read about how other teachers have used the 90kg Rice Challenge in their schools.

Currently, over 800 groups have participated . Are you ready to join them and take on the challenge?

Is 90kg of rice too much? Why not try the half challenge, or call us on 0141 255 0901 or email and we can discuss other options.

A bag of rice can change a life


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