Collection: Eswatini Kitchen

Eswatini Kitchen is based in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) in Southern Africa. It is run by Carlos and Sonia Paiva, with the aim of creating employment for disadvantaged communities and supporting smallholder farmers and women from impoverished backgrounds. Over 90% of Eswatini Kitchen staff are women, with many of them being single mothers whose financial and social freedom has been positively impacted through the organisation.

Sonia is also involved in promoting and developing farming amongst women and young people through the Woman Farmer Foundation. The Foundation hosts the Woman Farmer Competition which ensures that the women who take part in the competition grow their business acumen, are aware of their rights and capabilities, get all the necessary assistance they need in order to thrive in the business world, and that they then pass their knowledge, experience and training onto others. So far, hundreds of women and young people in Swaziland have been empowered through this project.

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