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Large BBQ Bundle

Large BBQ Bundle

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Get ready for an unforgettable BBQ experience with an exciting array of flavours that will delight your taste buds. Here’s what we've got in store for you:

Sauces to Spice things up:

  • Fire Medium Chilli Sauce (240ml): A balanced blend of heat and flavours to add a kick to your dishes.
  • Gold Hot Chilli Sauce (240ml): Turn up the heat with this intensely fiery sauce, perfect for spice lovers.
  • Peri Peri Sauce (240ml): Enjoy the tangy, zesty taste of this classic sauce, great for marinating and grilling.

Seasonings for the Perfect Grill:

  • Smoked Paprika Seasoning (50g): Add a rich, smoky flavour to your meats and veggies.
  • Harissa Spice Grinder (50g): Infuse your dishes with a North African twist using this spicy and aromatic blend.
  • Khoisan Natural Salt Grinder (95g): Enhance the Flavors of your BBQ with this pure and natural sea salt.
  • Grill Seasoning Tub (125g): A versatile blend that's perfect for seasoning any grilled items.

Sweet and Tangy Delights:

  • Green Tomato Chutney (295g): A massive jar of tangy goodness to pair with your grilled meats and breads.
  • Mango & Chilli Jam (250g): A sweet and spicy jam that makes a delightful accompaniment to your BBQ spread.

Unique Sides:

  • Ginger Beer Bread (450g): Bake this easy-to-make bread to enjoy a warm, crusty side that pairs perfectly with all BBQ dishes.
  • Sweet Piquante Peppers (250g x6): These sweet and slightly spicy peppers are ideal for adding a burst of flavour to your meals.
  • Pickled Sliced Jalapenos: Add a spicy, tangy crunch to your burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

With this incredible selection of sauces, seasonings, and sides, your BBQ is sure to be a hit. Fire up the grill and enjoy a feast that is bursting with bold and exciting flavours!


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